16 modems • ∞ Nano-SIM • Random access • WiFi • Macros • OLED screen • Remote control

Phone calls, receiving / sending SMS, USSD requests

16 built-in modems for simultaneous interaction with 16 SIM cards

Moving along a path assembled from container panels (200 Nano-SIM each)

Quick selection of any SIM card

Analysis of incoming data, search and selection of the necessary information

Automatically maintain SIM card balance

Sending processed information to E-mail

Compatible with ZennoPoster

WEB-interface with direct control

Graphic display

Remote control

Macros for implementing arbitrary work scenarios

Operator's office

WiFi internet connection

Connecting to a computer in Client and Server modes

Full support for English and Russian

Update firmware over the Internet

Work with SMS activation services

The aggregator moves along a path assembled from container panels. The length of the path is not limited. The container panel contains 200 nano SIM cards. 16 built-in modems (SIM800) allow you to interact simultaneously with 16 SIM cards (2 rows of 8 SIM cards). Aggregators can be combined into compositions (master and several slaves). Several trains can be operated on one path.

The contact groups of the device consist of sliding spring gold-plated contact-needles (Pogo Pin), driven by 2 brushless motors. The design reliably fixes the contacts on the contact pads of the SIM card, leaving a small (visually invisible) contact spot.

To display information, the leading unit SR Train uses an integrated graphic display. For manual control of the device, the included remote control is used.

All settings, testing, and calibration of SIM Roulette are carried out via the WEB interface.

A large amount of memory, coupled with a powerful processor, makes the device self-sufficient for solving a number of tasks related to: activation, registration of SIM cards, receiving and sending SMS, USSD commands and phone calls. Also, SR Train can be controlled by an external device - a computer or a smartphone.

You can find detailed information about options for interacting with SIM Roulette in the Support section.

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