500/1000 format SIM cards Nano • Random access • WiFi • Macros • OLED screen • Remote control

Phone calls, receiving/sending SMS, USSD requests

500 and 1000 Nano-SIM interchangeable disc containers

Instantly select a random SIM card from disk

Analysis of incoming data, search and selection of the necessary information

Automatically maintain SIM card balance

Sending processed information to E-mail

Compatible with ZennoPoster

WEB-interface with direct control

Graphic display

Control the device with the remote control

Macros for implementing arbitrary work scenarios

Operator's office

SD card for storing settings, macros and logs, etc.

WiFi internet connection

Connecting to a computer in Client and Server modes

RS-485 interface for connecting peripherals

Full support for English and Russian

Update firmware over the Internet

Work with an array of 500 nano-SIM. SIM cards are located on 8 tracks around the circumference of the disk. The device can instantly select an arbitrary SIM card from the array and install it in the card reader to interact with the modem. A disk containing a set of SIM cards is removable. This allows you to operate ready-made sets of SIM cards.

For the storage of data on SIM cards micro SD is used.

The contact group of the device consists of retractable spring gold-plated contact-needles, driven by a separate brushless motor. The design reliably fixes the needles on the contact pads of the SIM card, leaving a small (visually invisible) contact spot. Important: this contact group solution has an almost unlimited resource.

On the control board is a 14-pin modem connector — SIM Roulette module (there are 2G 2G, 3G, CDMA, etc . see Modems). GND, VCC, RES, DAT, CLK SIM card contacts are displayed on the connector, as well as TX, RT the serial port and power (3A, voltage adjustable between 1-11.5V). Through a special adapter, any cellular device can be connected to the connector: mobile phone, USB modem, GSM gateway, VoIP gateway, etc.

To control additional devices SIM Roulette uses the industrial network interface RS485. As the outer periphery can act: sim card switch, headset switch, autoinformer, dialer, load switch, etc. (see Add-on modules). On our site there is a detailed description of the transfer protocol for the independent development of compatible extension modules with SIM Roulette.

SIM Roulette uses an integrated graphic display to display information. For manual control of the device using the included remote control.

All settings and testing, and calibration of SIM Roulette are carried out via the WEB interface.

A large amount of memory, coupled with a powerful processor, makes the device self-sufficient for solving a number of tasks related to: activation, registration of SIM cards, receiving and sending SMS, USSD commands and phone calls. SIM Roulette can also be controlled by an external device — a computer or a smartphone.

You can find detailed information about options for interacting with SIM Roulette in the Support section.

Screenshots of the SR-Nano WEB-interface:


Device Information

Setting Authorization Data

Network Connection Setup

Setting up a connection to the local server

Setting up a connection to a remote server

Mail server configuration

Terminal: Direct interaction with the device (Team -> Answer)

Operator's office: real-time interaction with the device

Update centre

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