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Work with 1000 Nano-format SIM cards. Random access.

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Phone calls, receiving / sending SMS, USSD requests

Replaceable container discs for 1000 Nano-SIM

Instantly select a random SIM card from disk

Analysis of incoming data, search and selection of the necessary information

Automatically maintain SIM card balance

Sendending processed information to E-mail

Compatible with ZennoPoster

WEB-interface with direct control

Graphic display

Remote control

Macros for implementing arbitrary work scenarios

Operator mode

SD card for storing settings, macros and logs, etc.

WiFi internet connection

Connecting to a computer in Client and Server modes

RS-485 interface for connecting peripherals

Update firmware over the Internet

The device works with an array of 1000 nano-SIM. SIM cards are located on 8 tracks around the circumference of the disk. The device can instantly select an arbitrary SIM card from the array and install it in the card reader for interaction with the modem. A disk containing a set of SIM cards is removable. This allows you to operate ready-made sets of SIM cards. The SR-Nano-1000 is connected to the Internet via WiFi. 2 modes of external device control are supported: SR-server, and SR-client. In both modes there are ample opportunities for setting the access rights of an external device.

The SR-Nano-1000 will be useful regardless of whether you work with one, two SIM cards or with arrays of thousands of SIM cards. That's why:

Unlike modern smartphones, the device does not have restrictions on the automatic processing of phone calls, SMS and USSD requests.
Automation is carried out using the macro mechanism. Actual examples of tasks:

  1. Scanning an array of SIM cards, receiving and fixing in the file on the SD card and in the internal memory of the SIM card the phone number, mobile operator and current balance.
  2. Automatic maintenance of the SIM-card: the timely implementation of paid actions, tracking the balance and topping it up using SMS or notification of the administrator by e-mail.
  3. Batch processing of cards according to a given scenario, for example, receiving SMS, extracting the necessary information from the text, responding to the input data: outgoing call, SMS, USSD request, sending emails, or displaying on the device’s screen or browser.

Criteria are available for selecting a SIM card: cell number, operator name, number or part of the phone number.

We abandoned the internal cellular communication module in favor of external plug-in modems, therefore there are no restrictions on the support of present and future communication standards: GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, ... 10G, etc., CDMA, etc.

The device works with Nano SIM cards of the form factor. We solved the problem of simple and quick extraction of Nano SIM from the cardholder using the device — Conductor. This device also allows you to perform the reverse operation of installing the Nano SIM in the cardholder.

Device drives are removable. In seconds, you can replace a working set of 1000 SIM cards. When changing a disk, the data on the SIM cards contained on it is automatically loaded. That is, the device immediately “knows” the phone number of the SIM card, which lies, for example, in cell B2.

Included in delivery:

  1. SR-Nano-1000
  2. Removable disk container
  3. User's manual

Important! The power supply unit 12V / 2A is not included in the package of delivery and is got separately.

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SIM format Nano-SIM
At the same time in work 1 SIM card
SIM Card Number 1000
SIM access Random
Type of connection to LAN WiFi
Online Update Yes
Macro support Yes
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions (mm) 647 × 540 × 130
Power consumption 24 W

Tags: SIM Roulette SIM card aggregator SIM card registration SIM Activator

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