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4 Channel MP3 Player

Vendor code: 3001
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The device plays MP3 files from a microSD card (up to 32GB, not included).
At the same time up to 32 Autoinformers can be connected to the SIM Roulette.


  • Playing MP3 file
  • Playing a folder with MP3 files
  • File loop playback
  • Playing a folder with MP3 files in a loop
  • Play random file
  • Play MP3 advertising files with interruption and auto-continuation of the current playback file
  • Volume control
  • Equalizer Presets
  • Switching channels (4 modems can be connected to the player)
Compatibility SR-1640, SR-Nano-500
Type of connection RS485
Weight 35 g
Dimensions (mm) 50 × 50 × 17

Tags: Module

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