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2G modem

Vendor code: 2001
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Dual-band GSM-module without voice support.

Frequency range: 900/1800 MHz
Supply voltage: 3.3 ... 4.8 V (nominal 3.9V)

Data transfer protocols:
GPRS class 10
GPRS: maximum speed 48 кбит/с
SMS: receive / transmit, point-to-point MO / MT, broadcast mode, built-in TCP / UDP / FTP / DNS protocol stack: TCP / UDP server client or M2M

AT Command Set
GSM 07.05, 07.07

Compatibility SR-1640, SR-Nano-500
Communication standard 2G
External control device Not necessary
Voice functions No
Headset jack No
8p8c (RJ-45) socket No
USB connection No
Weight 8 g
Dimensions (mm) 42 × 27 × 18

Tags: Modem

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